Altus Inc

Unlocking the Potential of Overlooked Innovations

At the heart of Altus Inc. lies a profound commitment to transforming the venture capital landscape. We recognize the brilliance of early-stage startups in high-growth sectors—healthtech, edtech, greentech—particularly those innovating in the less glamorous, yet critically important, aspects of their industries. Our mission is clear: to be the venture studio to unearth these hidden gems, champion the entrepreneurs who have been overlooked by the traditional startup ecosystem and propel them towards unparalleled success.

Our Investors

Bridging the Sophistication Gap

The journey from innovative idea to market success is fraught with challenges, particularly the sophistication gap that plagues many promising startups. Altus Inc. stands as the bridge over this gap, providing not just funding but a partnership that nurtures startups with comprehensive support—covering everything from productization to strategic market entry, and operational excellence.

Our Ethos: Beyond Venture Capital


Integrity and Professional Excellence

We operate with an unwavering commitment to ethics and excellence, echoing the trusted standards of the finest in finance and consultancy.


Timeless Wisdom and Strategic Conservatism

Our investment philosophy is informed by decades of market insight , favoring sustainable growth and long-term value over ephemeral wins.


Inclusive Vision

While our roots are in the Midwestern tradition of hard work and integrity, our vision is boldly inclusive, democratizing success in the venture landscape.


Comprehensive Support

Beyond capital, our offerings include meticulous strategic guidance, operational support, and access to an extensive network, enhancing our startups' sophistication and market appeal.

Our Promise

Altus is more than a traditional venture capital firm; we are a venture studio, acting as catalysts for enduring change. Our unique blend of timeless wisdom, strategic conservatism, and an inclusive visionary approach ensures that we not only invest in startups but actively collaborate with them to become leaders in their sectors. As a venture studio, we are deeply involved in the operational and strategic development of our startups, committing to redefine success in venture capital. Guided by integrity, innovation, and an unwavering focus on delivering superior returns and transformative growth, Altus stands at the forefront of shaping the future of innovation.

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Altus: Where Integrity Meets Innovation